Fresnel 2K W

Rp300.000 /day

Description :

  • Modern design.
  • Optimized combination of stainless steel, die cast and extruded aluminium for both sturdiness and lightweight.
  • Specifically designed optics with large size lens and reflector for high quality light output.
  • The lens door has been specifically designed via its deeper profile to remove unwanted light spill.
  • High quality epoxy powder paint against corrosion.
  • Scratch resistant black non-reflective housing.
  • Easy running accessory support brackets and lower accessory support bracket fitted with barndoor safety catch (extra safety).
  • Wire focus system for a smooth and precise focusing action, maintainance-free.
  • Front rigging hook.
  • Side mounted pole operated focus mechanism easily repositioned to manual use.
  • Easy to service and maintain.
  • CE compliance.


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